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Verizon (VZ) reports today, boredom ensues

October 21, 2011

VZ reports today before the bell. It is expected to report Q3 EPS of $.55 on $27.86 bil in revenue. Considering beta is low on this stock, and earnings are likely to be in line plus or minus 2 cents, I don’t expect the stock price to go anywhere. Telecom earnings are some of the easiest for wall street to predict. This is because most user contracts last two years, so accurate revenue projections can be made months in advance because cell phone users are locked up at a set monthly rate.

Now, you might be asking: why am I bringing this stock up? Three words: the conference call.

We’ll get details about iPhone 4S orders, as well as a breakdown of phones sold by type (smart phones, iPhone/Android splits, brick phones, etc). Given the current economic climate and all Wall St.’s analysts drinking the hope koolaid, expect smartphone sales to not impress. Based on this underwhelming announcement, VZ might move down a few cents, AAPL might move down a few bucks, and NOK will keep on rolling!



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